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This man got a touching tattoo of his mother’s last heartbeat before she died

Thomas Resch also got a note she had written to him tattooed in her handwriting.

A 21-year-old man who was “Fitbit buddies” with his mother has tattooed her final heartbeat on his chest.

Thomas Resch, a bodybuilder in training from Marysville, Washington, and his late mother Deborah both wore Fitbits, which can track users’ heartbeats.

“We would always say we were Fitbit buddies,” he told the Press Association.

After she died on January 13 from a cardiac arrest, he realised she had been wearing her Fitbit when she passed away.

“So after we left the hospital I went on her phone and pulled up the last heartbeats she had and sent it to my phone,” he said.

The young bodybuilder got his mother's handwritten note and final heartbeat tattooed after she died (@thomas_resch/PA)

Deborah suffered an initial cardiac arrest a few months before she died, and had lost blood flow to her brain for several minutes.

“She was in rehab working hard to get ability in her hands again,” said Thomas.

“As a few months passed my mom started to get her handwriting back and (was) able to do things again but it was still a struggle to write.”

Just before Thomas was due to move out, which happened to be the day his mother died, she’d left a hand-written note in one of his bags saying “I’m going to miss you a lot! I love you pic (sic) mom”.

To make the tattoo even more personal, Thomas also got the note, written in his mum’s handwriting, inked above and below the heartbeat.

It’s extra special, since Thomas remembers her priding herself on her handwriting.

“I could always remember her having the best handwriting I’ve ever seen in my life,” he said.

“I had my tattoo artist copy the words with all the imperfections,” Thomas said, “because you can see how hard she tried to write that note to me so it means the world to me.”


Thomas is having his first child in June.

“It honestly breaks my heart she won’t be there but I know in my heart she’ll be watching over us the whole time,” he said.

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