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This ‘missing cat’ poster is so funny you’ll wish you had come up with the idea

Whoever made this deserves a medal.

Sometimes comedy is all about putting in the hard yards and that’s exactly what someone from the US did when they put this missing cat poster up in their town.

To give more of an introduction would ruin it – so take a look.

That’s right, there wasn’t a missing cat at all – they just wanted you to confirm you’ve seen the picture.

Elise Matthesen, 57, spotted the poster in Minneapolis, Minnesota where she lives.

“I stopped to look at it – we’re pretty good at helping lost cats and dogs and chickens get back to their people around here – and when I realised what it said, I laughed out loud,” she told the Press Association.

“It has been a pretty stressful week around here so I needed the laugh.”

“This neighbourhood has a reasonably quirky sense of humour, so the flyer fits right in,” said Elise.

“As long as a joke isn’t about hurting somebody, we’re generally on the side of amusement.”

Flyers – memes for the real world.

Press Association

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