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This missing cat was found inside a chimney and coaxed out by his relieved owner

Jinx went missing only a week after Andy Horner brought him home.

A kitten which found its way into a chimney breast has been coaxed back into the open by its new owner.

Jinx, who is about 14 weeks old, had gone missing somewhere in the cottage of Andy Horner only a week after moving in.

He was eventually discovered when Andy heard some rustling in the cavity wall.

“I had to cut the light out of the fireplace to get him,” Andy told Press Association.

A video posted on Facebook shows the moment when Jinx is finally encouraged out of that hole the day after going missing.

Cat rescue! 😃💚👍

Posted by Andy Horner on Saturday, April 28, 2018

“I heard a very quiet cry after turning the house upside down, I still have no idea how he got up there,” Andy, from Shepley, told the Huddersfield Daily Examiner.

“I was about an hour or so coaxing him out using some treats that he likes.

“Eventually I got him down but it took some patience. I still don’t understand how he got up there but it will cost me £150 in a replastering bill. I am just glad I hadn’t turned the fire on.”

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