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This pair of lovebirds had four multi-coloured chicks and people are obsessed

Green lovebird Kiwi mated with goth Siouxsie.

(Maura Hennelly)
(Maura Hennelly)

A colourful couple of lovebirds have gone viral after they expanded their feathered family with gothic chicks.

Maura Hennelly, a student from Sacramento in California, bought her green lovebird Kiwi a “goth” mate, and the pair have now had four chicks.

Posting photos on Twitter, she said: “Remember Kiwi and his goth gf (girlfriend)? Well now she’s his goth wife and they have four beautiful half-goth babies.”

The month-old chicks will soon be welcomed into new homes after Maura, who has interned with vets, has made sure they are weaned.

She said: “I first got Kiwi about two years ago, and about a year later I purchased his mate Siouxsie.

“I was always open to the possibility of them having chicks because I’ve raised baby birds before and lovebirds can make wonderful pets.”

The tweet announcing the multi-coloured quadruplets has more than 250,000 retweets, and people love the feathered family.

Maura said: “The chicks are about a month old now and will be with me until they are weaned at eight weeks old, then they are all going to great new homes!”

Maura has gone viral for her pets before, with her gorgeous sunbeam snake attracting attention for its iridescent scales.

She said: “I have a load of other animals! Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, snakes, lizards, tortoise, tarantula, fish, you name it.”

Maura said: “I cannot believe how many people love their little family! I woke up to over 400 messages today of people looking to adopt a baby.

“It’s all so cool and I’m just happy to make so many people smile!”

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