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This pug’s journey from a puppy farm to loving home is seriously heartwarming

Phoebe was rescued from an “inhumane environment” and is now happy in her new home.

A pug kept in “inhumane” conditions by a breeder in Bolton has been given a new chance to enjoy life with her new owners.

Phoebe the pug was rescued on December 20 2016 from a puppy farm and was adopted this September by the Mustow family.

Her new family, Nicola, Chris and their children Madeleine, 13, and 11-year-old Chloe, have taken Phoebe into their hearts, but Phoebe’s new best friend is the family’s rabbit, Blossom.


“She loves her walks and she gets at least two a day, and our rabbit, Blossom, is her new best friend,” said Nicola.

“They love chasing each other around the garden – so much so that Phoebe fell into the pond! But it’s okay because she’s a really good swimmer – or so we found out!”

RSPCA inspector Pippa Boyd, who led the investigation into the case, said Phoebe and her companion Patsy were “living in horrendous conditions in dark, dank and cold pens with no warm bedding or dry areas off of the cold, hard floor,” when they were rescued.

“It was a completely inhumane environment to keep dogs.”


Phoebe’s previous owner pleaded guilty to six animal welfare offences and on Wednesday was sentenced to a 16-week jail sentence. She was also disqualified from keeping animals for life.


Since being rehomed, she’s come on leaps and bounds, as photos released on Thursday show.

“She’s a beautiful little pug with a fabulous nature,” says Nicola.

“We wouldn’t be without her and hope she is as happy in her forever home as we are with her!”

Patsy, Phoebe’s old companion, was also rehomed to a loving family.

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