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This pup attempting to share his bone with his reflection is the best boy

This sweet corgi is bound to make you smile.

It’s the question on all of our lips these days: what did humans do to deserve dogs?

While the internet continues to bless us with a never-ending stream of good dogs, this corgi attempting to share his bone with his reflection, beats them all.

Owner Eric Smith, an author an literary agent, posted a video of his sweet dog being, well, awfully sweet.

The black, white and brown corgi can be seen chewing intently on his treat, when he spots his reflection in his owner’s closet mirror.

Oblivious, the pure pup nudges the bone forward, in hopes that the (curiously similar-looking) canine opposite will pick it up.

The best part?

His huge, proud smile at the end. Just rewind, hit pause and zoom in on that grin. You’re welcome.

The 25-second clip, which has received more than 25,000 retweets, hit a few Twitter users in the feels.

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