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This radio host’s young daughter sent heart-breaking texts to her dead grandad

‘I may have something in my eye.’


James O'Brien (Ian West/PA)

James O'Brien (Ian West/PA)

James O'Brien (Ian West/PA)

British radio presenter James O’Brien has made the touching discovery that his youngest child has been secretly trying to text her deceased grandfather – and it’s even more of a tearjerker than you can imagine.

In a post which has gone viral on Twitter, O’Brien revealed messages his daughter sent to his dad – who died five years ago – while using his old phone to play games.

One of the messages reads: “I love you grandad have a great time in heaven I hope you had an amazing life I absolutely love you and my life could not of been this amazing without you!”

The other says: “I’m nearly 10 and Elizabeth is 12! She loved your present by the way your present was your love.”

O’Brien’s post, understandably, said he “may have something in his eye” and this was echoed in the response on Twitter.

If this isn’t inspiration to give your family a loving message, then what is?