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This telephone box is Brighton’s smallest coffee shop

You can get your daily caffeine fix from Dialling In Kiosk.

They have been a familiar sight across the UK since the 1920s, but in the last two decades the red phone box – seen as a British cultural icon – has become obsolete, thanks to the rise of mobile phones.

One man in Brighton has decided to give a decommissioned red telephone box a new lease of life by converting it into a coffee kiosk.

Dialling In Kiosk sells coffee to tourists and passersby looking to get their caffeine fix.

Founder Greg Ackerley said: “People expect quirky, interesting and unusual things when they come to Brighton. So in that sense tourists absolutely love it.”

Ackerley also added there’s a benefit to not having to pay much rent for shop space.

He said: “Rent in Brighton is ludicrously expensive. With a small shop you get small prices which brings in a lot of custom that the other shops would lose out on.”

Dialling in Kiosk

There are old red telephone boxes across the country that have been re-purposed for other use including a library, pop up art gallery, storage for a defibrillator and a phone repair shop.

Greg said: “The reaction from public has been great. They absolutely love the concept.

“If I was able to convert photographs into sales, I wouldn’t be working anymore.”

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