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This tiny ‘miracle puppy’ survived being picked up and dropped by a hawk

The chihuahua escaped with only minor injuries.

(Austin Animal Center)
(Austin Animal Center)

A dog dubbed the “miracle puppy” is recovering after being snatched by a hawk and dropped from the sky.

The young pup was rescued by construction workers who heard its cries as they worked on a site in Austin, Texas.

The seven-week-old chihuahua has been named Tony Hawk by his foster owners, who he will stay with until he is old enough for neuter surgery and adoption.

Posted by Austin Animal Center on Saturday, January 12, 2019

Jennifer Olohan, of Austin Animal Centre, said: “A couple of construction workers heard puppy cries and started searching the construction site for the source. They quickly realised the cries were coming from the sky, and at that moment the puppy dropped to the ground and the hawk flew away.

“The two construction workers rushed the puppy to a vet, and because no owner of the puppy was found, he was transferred to our shelter the next day to continue his care and find him a home.

“Tony Hawk surprisingly sustained very minor injuries. He has some scabs on his head and shoulders from the hawk’s talons, but that’s it! No broken bones or internal injuries at all from the fall.

“It really is a miracle!

(Austin Animal Center)

“Because he’s only seven weeks old (six weeks when this all happened), he still has a couple more weeks to spend in foster care before he’s old enough for neuter surgery and adoption.

“At this point his foster has been swamped with adoption applications and has some really great candidates, so we’re not taking any more adoption applications for him at this time.

“All in all the little guy is doing great and is sweet as can be.”



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