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This video of a baby manatee being bottle-fed is guaranteed to lift your mood

The manatees’ bottles are filled with an infant formula with plant oils, protein sources, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and palm oil.

(Michael George)
(Michael George)

A rescued baby manatee was caught on camera by photographer Michael George as it enjoyed a bottle-feed made up of nutritious oils.

Baby manatees Jose, Dex, and Ursula were rescued in September 2017 after Hurricane Irma separated them from their parents; the three were taken to the rescue team at Sea World Orlando for rehabilitation and release.

The babies require constant care, and are bottle-fed a mixture of plant oils, protein sources, coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and palm oil every three hours.

Mr George said: “The Sea World Rescue Team has come to the aid of 31,000 ill, injured, and orphaned animals in need over the past few decades.

“In addition to these babies, the team recently received a call about a small group of adult manatees in South Carolina who were caught in a sudden cold spell.

“They were days away from dying of frostbite and the rescue team drove back and forth for three days, working 24 hours, to bring the adults to their Manatee Hospital.”

The photographer is releasing a children’s book entitled Life at the Zoo, which aims to teach children about the role of zoos in breeding, conservation, and rescue programs.



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