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This wet wipe monster had to be winched from a drain

The mass of wet wipes weighed in at approximately 150kg.

A sewer monster made entirely from wet wipes was so heavy it to be winched from the pipe it was blocking.

The mass of wipes found in Newtownabbey weighed in at about 150kg, said Northern Ireland Water.

Engineers found six blockages in the same sewer pipe when they found what the company called the “wet wipe monster”.

A video showing the blockage has just been posted on the agency’s YouTube page, although it was found and cleared in September.

Northern Ireland Water is reminding people not to flush wet wipes and other larger items down the toilet.

Gavin McCready, wastewater manager for Belfast, said: “People are under the impression the wet wipes are ok to flush, whether it’s facial, baby or toilet.

“The fact is they are not – even if they say flushable.

“Unlike toilet paper, these wipes hold a certain amount of water and do not break down quick enough to avoid causing a blockage.”

In September, a giant fatberg – made of wet wipes, nappies and hardened cooking fat, and weighing more than 10 double-decker buses – was found in a Victorian sewer under London’s Whitechapel Road.

The Museum Of London made a bid to claim part of the mass for a future exhibition.

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