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This woman found her doppelganger on Tinder and you definitely won’t be able to tell the two apart

Naomi and Mikhayla are similar right down to their make-up.

A picture on Reddit is getting attention for looking more like an optical illusion than a selfie, as a woman posted that she had found her doppelganger online.

Naomi explained that she had found someone online who looks like her double, and they look undeniably similar – right down to their make-up.

Myself and a doppelganger I met via Tinder from mildlyinteresting

The pair found each other on Facebook after a friend of Naomi’s pointed out how similar they were, and the two met up in Sydney, Australia for a photo.

Naomi said: “My friend found Mikhayla on Tinder and messaged me asking why I had a fake account.

“I didn’t see the resemblance at all and messaged another friend her photo, who also thought it was a photo of me. I ended up messaging Mikhayla on Facebook, and we met up a couple of months later when I was in town!”


The two have been friends ever since, and have taken plenty of baffling pictures of themselves together.

Naomi said: “This was about two years ago and we’ve been pretty good friends ever since and caught up loads of times!”

The original post now has over 11,000 upvotes, and plenty of users commenting on how similar they look.

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