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This woman realised that her new bright blue Ikea toilet seat was not what it appeared

A mum was fooled by some deceptive brightly coloured packaging.

This viral Tweet of a woman who was fooled by bright blue packaging on her toilet seat shows the importance of reading instructions.

Amber Stent, a law student from Cambridgeshire, posted on social media saying her mother complained after she thought she was sold the wrong colour toilet seat from Ikea… only to discover that she hadn’t peeled the protective layer off.

Stent said: “Mum bought a £40 toilet seat from Ikea, gets home and starts freaking out because it’s bright blue and she’s chucked away the receipt.

“After about 30 minutes of accepting it, she’s finally got her head around the idea of having a blue toilet, until I come and read the label.”

The mishap has received over 32,000 retweets, and plenty of social media users reporting that they’d done the exact same thing.

Amber joked under her viral Tweet that “she (her mother) causes so much pain.”

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