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This woman received a telegram from the Queen on her 100th birthday

And was showered with love on the internet.

A woman who is celebrating her 100th birthday has gone viral thanks to a postwoman and her son who shared a photo of her receiving a telegram from the Queen.

The photo, taken by Colette O’Connell and posted on Twitter by her son Adam Mark Oliver, shows Sadie holding a blue package with the royal insignia on it.

O’Connell, 49, who delivered the royal message to the centenarian in Brentwood, Essex, initially didn’t know what it was.

Oliver told the Press Association: “My mum is a postwoman in Brentwood which is a lovely community. She really enjoys her job and she often says she ends up chatting to the elderly when delivering – which is sweet!

“She wasn’t sure what it was what she was delivering, but when she knocked on her door and Sadie answered she said she wasn’t sure what it was.

“She told my mum it was her birthday and she was 100 and then it registered with my mum what it was.”

His tweet received more than 10,000 retweets and 49,000 likes since it was posted on March 13.

The internet joined in to wish her a happy birthday.

Most people couldn’t believe how old she was.

Oliver said he was moved by the positive messages online, adding: “My mum got really emotional when she gave Sadie her telegram and she said the reaction is amazing.

“It really shows the good side online when you read all peoples comments.”