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This yawning puppy compilation is what the internet is for

Let little Everly’s squeaky yawns soothe you.





Being 14 weeks old looks like it’s tiring work for little Everly.

The pup’s owner Phil has been compiling footage of her yawns and the video it’s created is both adorable and contagious.

Phil, an engineer from the US, says Everly is “playful, resilient and confident” but that she doesn’t actually yawn often.

“One day I picked her up after she woke up from a nap and she did the cutest yawn in my arms, and whenever she’d wake up from then on and I was around I pick her up and within 10 seconds she’ll let out her yawn!” Phil explained to the Press Association.

“I think the biggest thing I took from it that other people can also is that sometimes it can truly be the smallest most seemingly insignificant things that can bring you a sense of joy and well being.

“Hearing her yawn and watching the videos I’ve caught of her is the highlight of my days.”

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