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This young Juventus fan’s reaction to being gifted an Inter shirt is too perfect

Proof football rivalries start young.

A young Juventus fan has gone viral after a video showed his exquisite reaction to opening a gift he wasn’t too pleased with.

Filmed on his 6th birthday by his father, Nael Aquilina, from Malta, received a football shirt from Juventus’ fierce Serie A rivals – Inter Milan.

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If looks could kill, no one in that room would have stood a chance.

Fortunately for the young lad another present was on hand to cheer him up. This time there was a Juventus away kit waiting for him – though admittedly it was teasingly wrapped in a misleading box.

The kid gets a Juventus top

The video was initially shared on Facebook by the boy’s brother, attracting over 36,000 views. However, it has since been shared widely on a variety of social media outlets attracting a huge amount of attention – and no doubt some laughs.

In the end though, it’s pretty clear who got the last laugh…

The kid raises his hand in celebration

… that guy. The one with his hand up and the football shirt in hand.

Juventus currently sit one place above Inter Milan in Serie A, with only goal difference separating them as well as Napoli at the top of the table.

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