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‘Tis the season! Christmas bleach is now in the shops

For anyone dreaming of a very white Christmas.

If you needed a Christmas milestone somewhere between seeing the first mince pies in the shops and the John Lewis ad being screened, then you’re in for a treat.

Sainsbury’s Christmas bleach is now available.

Yes, thick bleach of the winter spice variety.

Jeremy Limb spotted the fragrant offering in Sainsbury’s on Lower Richmond Road in Richmond.

“When I first saw it honestly I just thought it was funny that it existed,” he said.

He captioned his picture: “Can’t believe there’s already Christmas bleach in the shops.”

The Sainsbury’s own brand Christmas bleach comes with snowy packaging, but that wasn’t enough for some on Twitter.

For some, its appearance has usurped traditional Christmas countdowns like the appearance of the Coca-Cola truck.

But the final word goes to Twitter user Dante2014.

“It’s not Christmas until something has ‘kill’ printed on it twice.”

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