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Train workers rescue mountain goat from snow after accidentally burying it

The rescue took place in central Austria after a chamois failed to heed a train’s honking.





A rather bold chamois forced Austrian train workers to shut down their track-clearing operations after it became buried by the snow they were clearing.

Reports say the goat-antelope appeared to be transfixed by the oncoming train – despite persistent honking – and was eventually covered by a deluge of snow.

However, those on board were soon on hand to help free the creature.

The incident took place in the Gesaeuse National Park in Austria, and thankfully the chamois appeared unscathed as it loped away afterwards into the forest.

The video received thousands of interactions on Twitter after an Austrian railway company shared the footage, and even attracted the attention of FC Cologne, whose mascot Hennes is a goat.

A heartwarming ending to a pretty frosty tale.