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Trump and Putin craft beer sells out as the leaders meet in Helsinki

That’s one way to do diplomacy.

A Finnish craft brewery has paid an odd tribute to the Helsinki summit between Presidents Trump and Putin with a limited edition lager.

The labels of Let’s Settle This Like Adults beer show cartoons of the US and Russian leaders facing each other with fists almost touching, about to engage in a game of rock, paper, scissors.

The two leaders met for a one-on-one meeting and an expanded bilateral meeting and working lunch, then addressed the press on Monday.

Rock Paper Scissors Brewing describes the dry-hopped, 4.7% ABV lager as possessing “fresh and grassy tones”, making is suitable for all-day, everyday events.

”Naturally we don’t offer this as a first solution for problem solving, but if there is a danger of a dead end, this is guaranteed way to solve issues.” says Samuli Huuhtanen, CEO of RPS Brewing.

The company produced 10,000 bottles of the Let’s Settle This Like Adults signature beers, which sold out before the summit took place on Monday.

Samples have also been delivered to the US and Russian embassies in Helsinki.

”We’re not sure whether it is these products or are people interested in this solution we are offering, but nevertheless, demand has surprised us big time,” said Janne Seppälä, chairman of the board of RPS.

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