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Twitter users have been sharing hilarious tales of mixed up words and awkward replies

Laughter and cringing in equal measure.


A man covering his face with his hands

A man covering his face with his hands

A man covering his face with his hands

The distance between the brain and the mouth is not far – but even so, sometimes messages become muddled on their journey from thought to speech.

That much was made even clearer in a Twitter thread started by @MooseAllain on the social media website – his original tweet was noticed by thousands of other users who had stories of their own to tell.

So without further ado, let’s explore this rabbit hole of hilarity and embarrassment.

1. The original

The sentiment remains the same, but something’s not quite right.

2. The logical reply

What would have been an entirely reasonably response.

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3. The running joke

At least Twitter user @CMc_New was already running away…

4. Awkward anniversaries

A one in 365 chance, right?

5. Ghastly greetings


6. Try again

No option but to quit your job.

7. Marvin Hagler

Marvin Hagler was a middleweight boxer – was he hungry? Presumably sometimes.

8. The physical equivalent

How do you do?

9. “Newsdog”

The newsdog is a good and helpful pupper who helps deliver the paper, one can only assume.

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