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Video captures the tense moment a dog was rescued from freezing cold water

The pup became stuck after chasing ducks.

This is the nail-biting moment a firefighter crawled across thin ice to rescue a dog stuck in a pond.

The poor pup was busy being a dog and chasing ducks when she fell through the ice and into the freezing cold body of water at Wescott Station park in Eagan, Minnesota.

She appears to have been surrounded by ice and unable to swim out.

But hope came in the form of a firefighter who cautiously made his way across the ice, while reassuring the barking dog with repeated calls of “it’s okay”.

The dog’s owner can also be heard comforting his pet, saying “hey pumpkin, I know you’re scared. It’s alright.”

It seems the panicked dog was able to free herself just as the firefighter approached, even falling in himself at one point.

It was a happy ending for all involved after the pup splashed back towards the shore, and into the hands of her awaiting owner.

Here she is looking a lot safer and calmer.

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