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Video shows terrifying speed of tornado forming in Louisiana

Local media reported ‘damaged roofs, broken windows and other ruined property’ as four tornadoes touched down on Monday night.

The tornado seen south of Natchitoches, Louisiana (Lance Scott)
The tornado seen south of Natchitoches, Louisiana (Lance Scott)

Dramatic footage posted online shows the terrifying speed tornadoes form before laying waste to anything in their path.

The videos, filmed in the American state of Louisiana, were posted online as multiple tornadoes were reported across the region, damaging houses and property.

“I was looking for cows!” wrote Lance Scott, a Louisiana businessman who filmed the footage. “Just like the movie Twister. Pretty crazy.”

Two videos posted by Mr Scott show ominous, dark clouds in the distance as the tail of a tornado snakes towards the ground

“Look at that,” a man can be heard saying in the video. “Holy s***. I’m gonna meet it on the interstate.”

He later wrote that he managed to dodge the tornado’s path, but local media reported it left a trail of destruction including “damaged roofs, broken windows and other ruined property”.

The US National Weather Service reported four tornadoes in the area on Monday night and local police posted a picture of the damage, including a roof almost entirely stripped of tiles and a front porch close to collapse.

Plantation Point

Posted by Natchitoches Parish Sheriff's Office on Monday, November 5, 2018

“The clouds were just rolling, I’ve never seen clouds roll so fast,” one witness told local KALB news.

She added: “And the sound…when they tell you it sounds like a train, when it hits, that’s exactly what it sounded like.”



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