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Want to know how to keep spiders out of your house this autumn?

These tips might help.

With autumn known to many as spider season, those with a phobia of the creatures will be hoping to keep the critters out of their houses.

So what can you do to spider-proof your home during this time? Here are a few tips.

Let’s go over those tips one more time.

1. Keep your home clean and tidy

A vacuum cleaner on a carpet

Yes, apparently spiders love a dirty space, so keeping on top of the housework is a great place to start.

2. Get a pet

A dog in a park in London

A sizeable investment just to keep spiders away, but perhaps you were thinking of getting a pet and this convinced you – apparently animals such as dogs and cats can scare the eight-legged creatures away.

3. Buy some mint or citrus fruits

A photograph of some lemons

Lastly, apparently mint or citrus might do the trick when it comes to keeping Incy Wincy Spider and his mates away.

Sounds like they’d hate Tic Tacs.

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