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Watch a baby mountain goat take its first steps in this adorable video

It was the second kid born to Oregon zoo in a month.

Video of a brand new baby mountain goat at Oregon zoo is giving internet users all the feels.

The kid, whose sex will likely not be known for a month, was born to mother Montane on Friday, and made its debut at the zoo just hours after its arrival.

It’s the second kid born to the zoo in a month; both were fathered by male mountain goat Honovi, who is keeping his distance.

The other kid was born to herdmate Sassy in May and named Finnegan.

Montane was an orphan rescued by Idaho wildlife officials, so will be watched carefully by keepers to ensure she’s taking care of her baby.

Montane gave birth Friday morning to a bouncing baby kid.

Posted by Oregon Zoo on Monday, June 18, 2018

“Since she didn’t grow up in a herd, Montane doesn’t have much experience with birth and young kids,” said Amy Cutting, who oversees the zoo’s Great Northwest area.

“It was really fortuitous that Sassy had her baby first, and Montane got a chance to observe and learn from her.”

In the video, the newborn can be seen looking around her new home while Montane watches on.

Utterly adorable.


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