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Watch a horse do the Cupid Shuffle with a bunch of children

Police horses have fun too!


(Keith Sulzer/ PA)

(Keith Sulzer/ PA)

(Keith Sulzer/ PA)

Attendees of a neighbourhood event in Cleveland, Ohio were stunned to see a police horse joining in festivities by dancing.

Captain Keith Sulzer of Cleveland Police’s Community Policing Unit filmed Mandy the horse and Officer Scott Sieger having a boogie to the Cupid Shuffle on Saturday at the 12th Annual Stockyard Bikeathon event.

“The Bikeathon is sponsored by Cleveland Police, Cleveland Police Foundation, and other neighbourhood organisations to promote safety, community spirit, and foster better relationships between the police and community,” said Captain Sulzer.

“We raffle off 24 new bikes, emphasise safe riding, helmets, etc., then the police lead the children through the neighbourhood with a police escort.”

After the parade through the area, the children were given a treat of dancing to music from a DJ, and Mandy joined in.

“I want people to see that police officers love to have fun just like everyone else does, see us as human beings, understand that we live our communities that we serve.”