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Watch: A rat pulled a fire alarm ‘causing a building to be evacuated’

It has to be seen to be believed.

(Sergei Pivovarov/Getty)
(Sergei Pivovarov/Getty)

If you thought Pizza Rat represented the peak of rodent achievement, think again.

A rat has been captured on camera apparently setting off a fire alarm in Washington DC – causing the whole residential building to be evacuated, according to local news reports.

In the footage, the rat can be seen climbing a railing near to a fire exit, before leaping and landing on the fire alarm lever, pulling it down in the process.

According to NBC Washington, the incident occurred last summer – but it seems the footage has only just come to light.

The resourceful rodent is being compared to the 2015 viral sensation Pizza Rat, a clip which showed a rat pulling a slice of pizza down into the subway.

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