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Watch: Coach gets hit in chest by baseball mid-interview, takes it like a champ

‘I’m gonna be a pro about it and keep going.’

Mishaps on live television are always entertaining, but the unfortunate victim’s reaction can really take it to another level.

That was certainly the case when South Carolina Gamecocks coach Mark Kingston took a baseball to the chest in a live interview and, in his own words, took it like a pro.

Amazing toughness from the college team coach there, so where did the ball come from?

“The bat handler, a 16 or 17-year-old kid as far as I can tell, was trying to throw it back to our bullpen,” Mark told local news outlet The State. “He was obviously trying to impress the South Carolina dugout with how hard he was going to throw it, and with that velocity, he lost some of his control, I guess you could say, and it hit me square.

“So I had the opportunity to show our team how you handle that situation. That’s what happened.”

The coach’s steadfast wearing of the baseball was unfortunately not followed up by a performance from his team.

The Gamecocks were defeated 11-3 by the University of North Carolina Tar Heels in the NCAA Division I match.

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