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Watch: Escaped horses bring busy A-road to standstill in Norfolk

A troop of 17 animals escaped from a field near the A47 between Norwich and Great Yarmouth.


Traffic was brought to a standstill on a busy A road in Norfolk by an escaped troop of horses.

17 animals broke out of a field near the A47 between Norwich and Great Yarmouth, bringing traffic to a stop for around an hour.

Images shared on social media show The horses caused tailbacks stretching back as far as 10 miles according to affected motorist Ross Cathcart.

Mr Cathcart was one of many who left their vehicles during the long wait on the Acle Straight between Norwich and Great Yarmouth at around 6.30pm on Tuesday, sharing images of the incident on Twitter.

Norfolk police officers successfully herded the escapees into a nearby field and the road was reopened a little over an hour later.

Norfolk and Suffolk Roads Policing Team and Great Yarmouth Police worked together to move the horses, with an officer from Norfolk and Suffolk’s Police Dog Unit taking charge.

No dogs were used in the herding process, with Great Yarmouth Police commending the officer with the hashtag #TheHorseWhisperer.

“All now safely secure in the field,” wrote the police force. “Good work #PC53 it’s not just dogs that you specialise in clearly!”



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