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Watch: Giraffe gives birth to 5ft 9in calf which was walking within an hour

Dallas Zoo CCTV captured the tender moment Chrystal, nine, delivered her second baby.

Video footage has captured the incredible moment a baby giraffe was born.

Measuring 5ft 9in, the not-so-little one was born at Dallas Zoo to mother Chrystal last week, weighing in at 130lb (59kg). Its gender is yet to be revealed.

Nine-year-old Chrystal gave birth without assistance following a two-and-a-half-hour labour which started after the zookeepers had left.

As they were monitoring CCTV during a scheduled check-up, they noticed hooves emerging and called in a vet.

Impressively, the newborn calf was up on its wobbly feet after just 20 minutes, and was walking around and suckling within 45 minutes.

“Chrystal showed us once again that she’s a very attentive mother,” said Allison Dean, assistant supervisor of giraffes at Dallas Zoo.

“She’s been busy cleaning, nuzzling, and nursing her new little one, who spends a lot of time eating and even more time napping. It’s hard being that cute.”

She is currently bonding privately with her newborn, who will be introduced to the other nine giraffes within the next few months.

The calf is Chrystal’s second, after her first, Kopango, was born in 2014.

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