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Watch: Marco Rubio has the last laugh as Donald Trump suffers an awkward water moment

The President was speaking about his five-nation trip to Asia.

Having mocked former presidential rival Marco Rubio for his water breaks, US President Donald Trump endured an incident of his own at the White House.

Speaking about his five-nation tour of Asia, Trump looked for a bottle of water, but unsuccessful in his search, proclaimed: “They don’t have water, that’s OK.”

Somebody then pointed to the table on his right, which did indeed have a bottle of water upon it.

Trump took two sips from the bottle before continuing his speech, but the minor debacle was enough to bring the president’s Rubio comments to mind.

On February 26, 2016, Trump drank some water on the campaign trail, saying “It’s Rubio!” while throwing water out of the bottle.

Rubio became aware of Trump’s recent water incident at the podium, and tweeted his analysis of the president’s performance.

Meanwhile, others observed the unorthodox nature of Trump’s technique.

It looks like Rubio now has a watertight defence against any further bottle jokes from Trump.

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