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Watch: Motorbike and wheelbarrow used to create makeshift ski lift

Alishah Farhang came up with the novel idea for enthusiasts hitting the slopes in Afghanistan.

(Alishah Farhang/CrossFit Bamyan)
(Alishah Farhang/CrossFit Bamyan)

Skiers in Afghanistan have used a motorcycle and a wheelbarrow to create a clever lift to the top of the slopes.

Alishah Farhang created the contraption with his friend, an engineer, in the mountains of Gonbatag Valley in Bamyan province.

Mr Farhang explained the tow rope is powered by the back wheel of the motorcycle at the bottom of the slope.

The rope is attached to the wheel of a wheelbarrow secured at the top of the slope, giving purchase and allowing the skier to be dragged upwards.

(Alishah Farhang/CrossFit Bamyan)
(Alishah Farhang/CrossFit Bamyan)

Mr Farhang, who has represented Afghanistan as an athlete and almost qualified for the Winter Olympics in 2018,  said he first had the idea while training professionally in Switzerland.

“I got the idea of building a simple tow rope but could not do it until I shared the idea with my CrossFit coach, who is also an engineer,” he told the Press Association.

“He said ‘let’s try it with a motorcycle’ and it was quite successful.”



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