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Watch talented gorilla perform synchronised handstand with his caretaker

Monkey see, monkey do.


Gorilla doing handstand.

Gorilla doing handstand.

Gorilla doing handstand.

A gorilla has become an internet sensation after performing a synchronised handstand with his caretaker at an animal reserve in the US.

Video posted by Busch Gardens Tampa Bay in Florida shows Bolingo mimicking animal care specialist Rachel Hale, which includes pressing his cheek against the glass, straddling the floor and doing a handstand.

Hale, who has been training Bolingo – one of seven gorillas in the Myombe Reserve at the park – for three years, says the best thing about working with him is his personality.

She said: “He is often times goofy, energetic and intelligent and because of this, my goal each and every day is to find new ways to keep him engaged.

“He is picky about what interests him, so the session that you are seeing in the video is me having to think outside the box for new ideas.

“Our relationship is very special and there is nothing better than seeing Bolingo sprint across the habitat for an enrichment session with me!”

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Hale said she is currently working with Bolingo to teach him how to choose between colours or shapes.


Gorilla doing handstand.

Gorilla doing handstand.

Gorilla doing handstand.

She added: “We engage all of the animals at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay with a wide variety of behaviours that continually enhance their mental and physical wellbeing as well as enable them to voluntarily participate in their own medical care.

“Training enables us to build trusting and positive relationships with the animals that call Busch Gardens Tampa Bay home, in order to provide them with the most mentally and physically stimulating environment possible.

“When looking at the overall welfare of our animals, we provide our animals with positive environments based on choice where they voluntarily participate in any anything we do.

“By building and sharing relationships with these animals, we help inspire guests to care for them and have the opportunity to explain the harsh realities they face in their natural environments.”

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