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Watch the moment a mischievous squirrel ran off with a police officer’s doughnut

Never come between a copper and their pastry.

(Anchorage Police Department)
(Anchorage Police Department)

Police and doughnuts is a stereotypical love story that goes way back, but it’s fair to say this squirrel caused some heartbreak.

The mischievous little rodent was caught on camera making off with one of the sweet treats from an officer in Anchorage, Alaska – who wasn’t too happy.

Seriously. He stole a perfectly good donut. FROM A COP. That's a straight-up felony. Also... it's rude. 🙃 #Alaska #CaughtOnCamera #theft

Posted by Anchorage Police Department on Sunday, June 24, 2018

“Seriously,” read Anchorage Police Department’s Facebook post about the incident. “He stole a perfectly good donut. FROM A COP. That’s a straight-up felony. Also… it’s rude.”

The short clip has accrued hundreds of thousands of views online, with one Facebook commenter writing “trespassing, resisting arrest, and generally acting squirrely.”

Some also commented on the arrival of a magpie on the scene at the end of the video.

One comment reads: “Maybe the magpie is part of a neighborhood watch program that will help return the donut to the rightful owner?”

“That magpie was our bird of interest,” wrote the police department in reply. “However, we are aware we are never getting that donut back. It was just too delicious.”

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