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Watch the Philadelphia Flyers’ terrifying mascot Gritty frolicking in the snow

Somewhere between a beautiful dream and a terrifying nightmare.

Gritty loved the snow (aetb/Getty Images)
Gritty loved the snow (aetb/Getty Images)

As snow washes over parts of America, one sports mascot in particular was seen enjoying the frosty weather.

Gritty is the mascot of the Philadelphia Flyers, an ice hockey team in the NHL, and while he’s used to ice being sprayed from the ice resurfacer at games, he’s not so used to the real thing.

If you thought Gritty looked manic in regular weather, wait until you see him frolicking in the snow.

From a distance that could be Bigfoot, right? Let’s get a close-up…

Absolutely terrifying. The mascot, who loves hot dogs, has not been around for long but is very difficult to forget.

And as it turns out, watching him grabbing at the snow is no less unsettling.

As close to a yeti as you’re likely to see in real life.

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