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Watch the stunning moment a power cut plunged a baseball stadium into darkness

The 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium in LA was left lit only by fans’ phones.


Baseball fans in the US experienced an unexpected kind of excitement after a power cut plunged 56,000-seat Dodger Stadium into darkness.

The remarkable moment, captured by fan Dave Lanzarin, happened during the LA Dodgers’ match against San Diego Padres and left the arena lit only by the light of fans’ phones.

Dave, 20, had been filming the game in anticipation for a game-winning home run but instead captured something remarkable.

“The atmosphere in the stadium was initial shock as there was a large collective gasp,” the student told the Press Association.

“People were quick to illuminate themselves and it felt almost like a concert where the lights are usually off.

“But nonetheless it seems like most people felt initial uncertainty that quickly lead to amazement because a blackout of that calibre is pretty rare.”

The incredible blackout, caused by a disruption to the arena’s power supply, delayed play by 20 minutes.

It didn’t prove to be a bad omen for the Dodgers though, who won the match 7-3.

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