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Watch these adorable joeys take a glimpse of the world for the first time

Symbio Wildlife Park welcomed the youngsters on a perfect winter’s day.


(Symbio Wildlife Park/PA)

(Symbio Wildlife Park/PA)

(Symbio Wildlife Park/PA)

An Australian wildlife enclosure is celebrating a baby bonanza after all the park’s kangaroo and wallaby joeys raised their heads to the world for the first time.

Helensburgh’s Symbio Wildlife Park welcomed the youngsters, who popped their heads out of their mothers’ pouches to glean a moment of sunshine on the perfect winter’s day in the southern outskirts of Sydney.

Still without fur and blinking in the unfamiliar light, the joeys will gradually spend more and more time out of the pouch as they gather strength and become more active.

Symbio Wildlife Park is home to over 40 kangaroos and wallabies, where visitors can feed, pat and interact with them all on lush green grassland.

The new arrivals will now undoubtedly make adorable additions to the Symbio family.