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Watch these gorillas have a gender reveal party for their newborn

The baby western lowland gorilla is two years old.

It took some time to work out the gender of this newborn gorilla, but after a couple of weeks, staff at Pittsburgh Zoo and PPG Aquarium have done it.

Moka, 22, gave birth on May 25, but with keepers and veterinary staff watching over her without interfering, they had to be patient to find out whether the newborn was a male or a female.

When they did find out, they went about the announcement in a very 21st century way.

“We had to wait for Moka, the mom, to position the baby in a way that enabled us to get a good look,” said Karen Vacco, assistant curator of mammals.

“She finally provided the perfect view for us to positively confirm the baby is a male.”

In the video, Aunt Ibo opens the box to reveal the blue inside, before the baby’s father, Mrithi, finds some peanuts inside the box.

In time, the other gorillas will get to join in caring for the baby, but for now the mother is keeping the family at bay while she looks after him.

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