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Watch this 5ft 8in basketball player absolutely nail a trick slam dunk

What a leap!

Slam dunking into a 10ft basketball net is hard enough for most ballers, so imagine being around a foot shorter than everyone else.

Well that’s what 5ft 8in Marlain Veal, from New Orleans, is up against whenever he goes for a slam dunk. An NBA survey found in 2007 that the average height of an NBA player was just under 6ft 7in, but that doesn’t stop Veal from reaching the net.

Oh and when he reaches it, he reaches it in some style.

His Twitter bio reads: “They measured my HEIGHT and measured my WEIGHT but they never measured my HEART.”

Veal, 22, plays college basketball for Southeastern Louisiana University, and will be a senior next year after a phenomenal 2017/18 season.

One small step for man, one giant leap for a brilliant basketball player.

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