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Watch this artist set fire to his work as he creates masterpieces with gunpowder

Norway’s Dino Tomic has gone viral with his fiery art.


Dino Tomic has gone viral with his fiery art

Dino Tomic has gone viral with his fiery art

Dino Tomic has gone viral with his fiery art

Norwegian artist Dino Tomic has gone viral for showcasing beautiful works of art… and then setting them on fire.

Tomic creates incredibly detailed displays out of gunpowder, and then sets them alight to amazing effect.

The powder then scorches the design onto canvas, meaning you can hang it on the wall straight away.

Tomic’s latest piece is a combination of marker pens and gunpowder to create a portrait of Star Wars character Darth Maul.

He is also a tattoo artist, and has previously created work that changes colour with heat, and art that glows in the dark.

He said: “It was a natural step for me to do gunpowder after I have been working with only kitchen salt art for one year – now I’m making glowing sand art and heat changing art.”

The artist has been popular on Reddit, where a user re-posted one of his pieces and received almost 4,000 upvotes.

Gunpowder art ( Dino Tomic ) from oddlysatisfying

Although the flaming artwork produces an amazing effect, it’s not recommended that you take up the practice yourself, so stick to watching his videos on Instagram.

Tomic said: “I’m literally drawing with fire – it’s not recommended to try at home.”