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Watch this champion racehorse artfully playing with a jolly ball

A horse of many talents, that’s for sure.

You might think all racehorses do is run and rest, run and rest, but one Thoroughbred in America has demonstrated that play is important too.

Tapwrit is a four-year-old champion racehorse from America who won the 2017 Belmont Stakes, a race held in the US, and when he’s not busy running as fast as he can, he likes to do this.

“I work for the track itself (New York Racing Association),” Alysse told the Press Association.

“Tapwrit is seen here at (trainer) Todd Pletcher’s Belmont barn.

“Tapwrit became well known for his skills with the Jolly Ball. He’s a playful horse, and the Jolly Ball gives him an outlet for his playful energy.

“He can often be found playing with it when he’s not eating or resting,” Alysse continued. “A lot of racehorses have Jolly Balls to play with, but not many are quite as skilful at spinning it by the bungee cord as Tapwrit is.”

It seems even serious racehorses enjoy horsing around now and then.

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