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Watch this epic fight between a teen’s pet dog and a plucky crayfish

‘Only in Louisiana’.

All dog owners know that your pet will try to play fight with other animals from time to time, but this dog is going viral for taking on an unlikely opponent: a crayfish.

Saylor Avara, 19, posted the video of her dog on Twitter, with the caption: “Only in Louisiana will you walk outside to find your dog fighting a crawfish.”

The dog, named Nylah, is seen jumping around excitedly at the crayfish, even flipping it over to play again when the crustacean fell on its back.

The video was taken in Houma, Louisiana, where crayfish – also known as crawfish – are popular.

Social media went crazy for the video, with the original Twitter post reaching over 39,000 retweets.

The story didn’t end too happily, however. Saylor updated her followers afterwards, saying that her dog had won the fight, and the crayfish had become a tasty meal for Nylah.

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