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Watch this professional skimboarder pull off an awesome move straight from the beach

An impressive move, and not out of the ordinary for Austin Keen.


skimboards in sand (mandygodbehear/Getty)

skimboards in sand (mandygodbehear/Getty)

skimboards in sand (mandygodbehear/Getty)

Professional skimboarder Austin Keen has been captured doing his thing on Laguna Beach and it is a sight to behold.

In a video captured by school teacher and part-time film-maker Jeremy Briggs, Keen can be seen running into the water directly at a wave. From there he expertly pulls off what is termed a backside wrap into a barrel – to much applause from the watching crowd.

Briggs filmed the incredible video as part of a wider project, called South Of The Gate which follows a group of longboard surfers down Pacific Coast Highway starting at the Golden Gate Bridge. Briggs is making the film with partner Joey Joyce.

“The idea was to film surfing in all 10 California Coastal Counties south of the Golden Gate Bridge. Our groups ranged from one to three surfers per region, stopping off at known surfing sites,” said Briggs.

“The film includes two-time World Longboard Champion Taylor Jensen and other top longboarders.”

Check out the teaser…https://vimeo.com/231251215

Posted by South Of The Gate on Wednesday, August 30, 2017

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Keen’s appearance in the film occurs when a group of longboarders drive through Orange County to stop and see him during an autumn tide swell in Laguna Beach.

He said moves like the one Keen pulls in the video are nothing new for the 2013 World Skimboard Champion.

“This particular day there were lots of people watching him and a number of talented Laguna Beach skimboarders.

“The reaction that his peers had was to hit the centre of their boards, meaning that something special had been performed. This is the skimboarders’ way of applauding their peers. At the end, Austin pumps his fist to acknowledge his peers. This ride was one to remember.”

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