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What’s more adorable than a baby tortoise? One the size of a coin

Yep, it doesn’t get cuter than Finn.

Pancakes and tortoises are two of everybody’s favourite things, but what do you get when you put the two together?

No, not a photoshoot of some tortoises scarfing down some pancakes (which admittedly sounds great), but rather a particular breed of the animal.

Get ready to meet your new favourite pancake tortoise: Finn is just three weeks old, and he’s barely bigger than a 50p piece.

Here’s Finn with a full-sized tortoise for scale.

(Aaron Chown/PA)

There’s no denying it: the smaller the animal, the more adorable they seem to be. Finn illustrates this rule perfectly, but unfortunately his cuteness comes at a bit of a cost.

Being so small means that life is a bit more dangerous for Finn. Zookeepers at his home at the West Midland Safari Park in Worcestershire are keeping him safe and sound until he grows a little bit more, because at his size it would be altogether too easy to lose him.

Get ready for his public debut when he’s a little bit bigger, because he’s going to be a total scene stealer.

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