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When this MP asked Twitter what a meme was, safe to say he didn’t get many sensible answers

You’ve got to respect Nicholas Soames for at least trying.


Nick Soames (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Nick Soames (Andrew Matthews/PA)

Nick Soames (Andrew Matthews/PA)

To people who aren’t steeped in millennial culture, no doubt some peculiarly modern trends might be a touch confusing: such as fidget spinners, Snapchat, or memes.

Conservative MP Nicholas Soames found himself particularly bamboozled by memes, so did the sensible thing and asked for help.

Well, you would think this would be the sensible thing to do, but Soames doesn’t seem particularly well-versed in the world of Twitter.

Even though his tweet was phrased in the most devilishly polite way (with the added bonus of a hilariously long hashtag), Twitter is not always the best place to seek out serious answers.

No doubt some people aimed to confuse Soames even more, instead of clearing anything up.

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Some just found it rather cute.

One person came up with a rather delightful poem, however it won’t illuminate this meme business for Soames any more.

Others drew upon memes in their response – what else?

Luckily, one person wasn’t completely taking the mick out of Soames.

Hopefully Soames can now do some bedtime Wikipedia reading to clear everything up.

Make sure you keep an eye on his Twitter feed, because no doubt it will soon become inundated with memes.

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