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Who would win in a fight? 1,000 unarmed humans or 1,000 brown bears?

It’s the question that’s taking Twitter by storm.


Bear attacking a human

Bear attacking a human

Bear attacking a human

A debate is raging on Twitter.

The question? Who would win in a fight – 1,000 humans without a conventional weapon to hand or 1,000 brown bears?

Journalist Kadhim Shubber posed the question to the social media site, after a speaker at a conference proposed humans would win.

On the face of it, it’s a silly question – the bears massacre the humans, end of story and what are you talking about speaker person?

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However, there are a couple of questions some people would like you to bear in mind – if you’ll pardon the pun.

Would the bears fight as a team?

For many in this debate this is an important question – and, as Kadhim rightfully points out, bears are bears.

Thus, some have drawn the conclusion that bears would not work together – and it is silly to think they would defeat the humans.

This conveniently leads to the next point –

Would the bears know it was a fight at all?

Perhaps we shouldn’t discount the bears’ ability to work together entirely however, as they are relatively brighter than you might think.

What if the bears are clever?

Fine points well made.

While bears may not be capable of teamwork though, others have pointed out…

What if they’re capable of revenge?

That is a serious concern.

However, another contributor has a solution to this issue.

Of course, if you can’t beat them – be them. Ingenious.

Kadhim and some others have pointed out the humans could make the tools to make this happen too.

However it takes time to skin a bear and make weapons, and some think that timings could be the key.

Would the humans have time to organise a plan?

Aside from these big questions, some had other bones to pick.

Which had a reasonable response too.

Some meanwhile merely wished to throw their hat in a corner.

So, maybe the humans would stand a chance if they had time to think things through.

It’s a thread which has received a lot of attention in a short amount of time, so much so that even actor Sir Tony Robinson has weighed in.

Ultimately, it’s a question which has no definite answer just yet, but at present bears are beating the humans in votes on Kadhim’s post by a ratio of about three to one.

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Until someone works out a definitive answer though, the debate will rage on…