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‘Whoa’: Man documents his European holiday in a wondrous video


A man from Utah has spared his family and friends hours of sitting through his travelling photo slideshow by creating a unique one-minute video of his experiences.

Nathan Nannenga, 27, visited Europe in late August and recorded a short video at each landmark, exclaiming “whoa” in wonder at the beauty he was seeing.

“I decided to make this silly video because I knew friends and family would be interested in seeing pictures, but I felt like taking a bunch of traditional tourist pictures of me standing and smiling was kind of cliched and boring,” said Nathan.

“I didn’t really plan it out when I started, but once I had a few videos of me going “whoa” I decided to keep it up then spliced the video together when I got back. ”

Nathan, a product manager for a technology company, ticked a few countries off his bucket list on this trip.

“I went to Italy because I’ve always wanted to see the ancient Roman architecture and Renaissance era artwork,” he said.


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“I went to Spain so I could attend La Tomatina Festival in Bunol, which was a lot of fun. And then I went to Switzerland because I’ve always wanted to see the Alps. ”

He may have been awestruck by most of the places he visited, but Switzerland was his favourite. “It is such a beautiful country it almost seems unreal. Riding the scenic routes of the train there was like riding a train through a story book.

“Can’t wait to go again some day!”

And the world can’t wait for your next travelling video, Nathan.

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