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Woman arrested for claiming officer killed chicken in drive-by shooting

‘Unfortunately we struck and killed a member of the fowl community, in this case, a chicken.’





A woman was arrested after claiming she saw a law enforcement officer shoot a chicken through the window of his car.

David Morgan, the sheriff of Escambia County in Florida, released a video statement in response to a rumour that he said had been “getting some legs on social media”.

He said a deputy had unintentionally struck “a member of the fowl community” with his SUV, and had not shot the bird through a passenger window as “quote-unquote eyewitnesses” had said.

He released two video clips of the incident in question, which he said proved the death was a simple accident and nothing more sinister.

“There is no sound of a shot — but you do hear the impact of the bird, unfortunately, when it hits the windshield of the deputy’s vehicle,” he said.

The video was widely shared on Facebook and was met with some amusement from social media users.

“Now we know why the chicken crossed the road….. fleeing and evading,” one commented, while another added: “I shot the chicken! But I did not shoot the deputy.”

The video appears to contradict a statement, read out by Morgan, from a witness who claimed she saw a deputy shoot the chicken.

“At about 7am this morning, me and my child was waiting at the bus stop when a deputy drived by with his passenger window down, shot the rooster,” said the apparent witness statement. “He did die in his front yard.”

According to the video, the woman who made the claim was arrested on a charge of false reporting.