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You may like rain a little more after watching this incredible timelapse

The video was filmed in Austria.

(Peter Maier/Facebook/PA)
(Peter Maier/Facebook/PA)

A video of rain falling over a lake is wowing the internet.

Peter Maier from Carinthia in Austria filmed the incredible passage of weather over the Millstätte lake from the terrace of a hotel.

The video shows a torrent of rain beginning on hills to one side of the lake, then moving rapidly across the water. Huge ripples can be seen as the rain hits the water.

Heaven opens its gates.. 😱 Der Himmel öffnet seine Tore 🌧🌬💨🌪🌦 . Tsunami from heaven... 🌊✨ . #letnaturebeyourteacher...

Posted by Peter Maier on Sunday, June 10, 2018

Peter told the Press Association the storm was filmed over the course of half an hour using the timelapse setting on his camera. He said he set the camera on a piece of concrete to do the timelapse but didn’t know it would capture the weather so incredibly.

“When I stopped filming I checked out my work and I was amazed how crazy it looked on timelapse,” he added.

Once he realised how good the footage was, Peter shared it to his Facebook page, where it racked up over one million views.

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