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Zoo Miami sanctuary welcomes births of six animals from endangered species

An addax, Arabian oryx, two Grevy’s zebra and two giant elands were born last week.

A young addax at Zoo Miami (Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)
A young addax at Zoo Miami (Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)

Zoo Miami has welcomed six new baby animals to six different mothers at its sanctuary.

All six animals are females and from species that have been classified as either endangered or vulnerable.

The first birth was a female addax born on July 2. Addaxes are African desert antelopes and are one of the most endangered animals in the world, with fewer than 100 left in the Sahara.

(Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)

The second birth was a Grevy’s zebra born on July 5.

They have thin stripes and large ears, and are indigenous to north-eastern Africa.

(Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)

Two days later, an Arabian oryx, a species that was recently successfully reintroduced to the wild, was born.

(Ron Magill/Zoo Miami)

The week finished with the births of another Grevy’s zebra and two giant elands, large antelopes found in central Africa deemed vulnerable.

The zoo is also anticipating two more births any day now, of another giant eland and a giraffe.



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