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Zoos and aquariums are re-branding their animals and the results are amazing

What would you name your favourite animal, based only on appearance?

If you could re-brand your favourite animal based on appearance alone, surely it would have a much more exciting name.

Zoos and aquariums have been using the hashtag #RebrandASpecies on Twitter to give hilarious – and realistic – new names to the animals in their exhibits.

Here are a few that you’ll definitely be adopting from now on.

1. Vancouver Aquarium came up with an extremely cute one.

2. Orangutans have a strong new brand.

3. This marsupial got a brand new name.

4. The puffer fish was renamed.

5. Find the Okapi in your nearest coffee shop.

6. Penguins got a great name based on their tuxedo pattern.

7. Tapirs are now branded as a snack.

8. A very fitting name.

9. This one is very suitable indeed.

10. Another name for tapirs, this time for their babies.

11. This monochrome beauty gets a new name.

12. And lastly… this very scientific branding.

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